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The team at SIG Distribution Norwich have recently been involved in a major refurbishment project in the city. The project involved replacing old and damaged pre-cast concrete staircases in blocks of flats in housing estates across the city.

Norwich City Council appointed Fosters Property Maintenance Ltd to lead the project and their task was to remove the old stairs and to fill new steel stair trays with a wearing screed. As the project was on such a large scale, Fosters employed two different teams, Anglian Maintenance and Bawburgh Installation, so that work could take place on two sites at the same time.

The Council spoke to Paul Monton, SIG Distribution Norwich sales executive, about the best product for the project. Paul says, “When I was approached by Norwich City Council my immediate thought was to put them in touch with the Ronacrete technical team as Ronacrete’s screed was ideal for this refurbishment project.”

It was decided that Ronafix Pre-packed Wearing Screed 25mm+ would be the best material for the job after samples of the screed were used in a practical demonstration for Norwich City Council and the contractors involved. Paul explains how the branch were able to assist on the project, “Anglian Maintenance didn’t have an account with us but because we have a good working relationship with Buildbase, the builders merchants in Norwich, we agreed rates with Buildbase for the job and supplied the goods to their stock.”

Approaching the job in this way meant Anglian Maintenance could access the materials when needed and ensured the project ran smoothly.