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The German supermarket chain Lidl now has over 600 stores in the UK and more are continuing to be built thanks to the popularity of the supermarket’s no frills value.

To keep up with the increasing demand for new stores, project sub-contractors Browns Shop Fitting required a product which would allow the stores to be built quickly in order to maximise sales. Rather than opting for the traditional choices of timber, concrete or steel, clay Poroton blocks were specified.

UK wide on demand distribution

Poroton blocks are monolithic blocks made from clay which have been developed by the German company JUWO Poroton. The unique blocks are used to construct walls quickly and easily whilst also providing excellent fire protection and thermal properties. JUWO Poroton has teamed up with SIG to distribute Poroton blocks to newly designed Lidl stores throughout the UK. SIG CAs’ extensive branch network and distribution capabilities means that the branches nearest the location of the new stores will deliver the product – cutting costs and delivery times.

Distribution is being coordinated by SIG Distribution Business Development Manager Richard Longbottom, who comments, “The vast network of SIG Distribution branches means that wherever a new store is being built, there will be an SIG Distribution branch in the local area which means the Poroton blocks can be stocked and supplied quickly when required.”

Speed, safety and sustainability from clay

Matt O’Halloran, UK Sales Director for JUWO Poroton explains why the blocks are such a good choice for this type of build, “The Poroton system is a high performance, sustainable, ecological building solution which is fast and straightforward to build, in fact it’s so fast that teams can build two storey height in one day. The blocks were a great choice for the Lidl builds as they speed up construction, which is vitally important as the longer it takes to build a new store, the greater the financial impact on the business. The entire operation is to deliver the stores in a scheduled, fast and efficient manner to maximise sales.”

Poroton blocks are a versatile material which is suitable for a variety of construction applications including inner leaves and rendered outer leaves of cavity walls, monolithic external walls, infill panels within framed structures and load bearing and non load bearing partition walls.