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Baltimore Tower

Offering outstanding views across Canary Wharf’s iconic skyline, Baltimore Tower will provide a truly unique and visual spectacle for residents and passers-by of the 45 floor apartment and brasserie bar and restaurant building.

The innovative building will also generate an enhanced environmental performance whilst creating a distinctive visual twist.

A crucial element of the building’s design is the fire stopping materials that protect this high rise structure, particularly as there is a lot of confined space to work with.

The SIG Distriubution Fire Protection Specialists were able to provide a full analysis on the firestopping requirements of the building to contractor RPM Services, including the use of Ultra Universal Pipe Wrap & Sleeve to overcome the challenge of installing material in the confined space.

There were also none-standard applications, requiring an Engineering Judgement from Rockwool to comply to a dB rating achieved from Rockwool’s Ablative Coated Batt, whilst other Rockwool products were supplied via SIG including Fire Collars, Mastic and Insulated Fire Sleeves to RPM Services during timed delivery slots.

Speaking on the benefits of working with SIG, Tony Iuliano from RPM Services commented:  “We faced some complex challenges after being awarded the fire protection package on Baltimore Tower, SIG were there every step of the way from providing the initial technical advice, to ensuring the deliveries took place in the timed deliver slots which is a key requirement in East London. SIG made our lives easier by being able to rely on a supplier who offers such a broad range of specialist products.”