FrameFit is a NEW fully tested product that fits directly to door frames to reduce gap sizes to meet current fire door regulations.
Fire Door Inspectors will report a Fire Door as “Non-Compliant” with gaps of over 4mm between the frame and the leaf and more than 8mm at door base. A remedy for excessive gaps is to replace the door with a new one.

FrameFit is designed with ease of fitting in mind, with selective thicknesses such as 1.5 mm (with or without smoke seal) – 3 mm and 5 mm to suit any gap variation. Widths to suit FD30’s 44mm and FD60’s 54mm. FrameFit comes on a roll and is easily cut to size and applied with minimal tools required.

Features & Benefits

  • Tested to core door set types

  • Brings non-compliant fire doors back into compliance

  • Ease and speed of installation to extend the life of existing fire doors

  • Avoids cost of replacing a door

  • Fully tested to BS 476 Part 22

  • Sold in individual sizes