Knauf Frameless Encasement Solutions using Knauf Fireboard, have been specifically developed to create encasements of column and beam structural steel work. Frameless casings simply consist of Knauf Fireboard stapled to itself at abutting corners. For steelwork encased on all four sides, Knauf Fireboard is fixed at each corner directly through the material, independent of the structural steel. For partial encasements, involving wall or ceiling abutments, the encasement is fixed using lightweight Knauf Angle Sections at the abutment.


  • Knauf’s Frameless Encasement System maxmises the sellable floor space of the building
  • Covered by Knauf’s full system performance warranty
  • Gives a range of fire protection performance from 30-240 minutes to a wide range of beam, column and joist sizes*
  • Reduced installation time as Knauf Fireboards can be stapled to one another without the need for other components
  • Inspections for continuity are easier with the Knauf Frameless Encasement system compared to intumescent paint solutions, giving greater peace of mind both immediately after installation and during maintenance inspections
  • Reduced waste and labour onsite as bespoke, cut to length Knauf Fireboard is available (subject to minimum order quantity)
  • The boards have a high quality smooth surface finish, and can be taped, jointed and finished using Knauf Fireboard Spachtel (Joint Filler) and accessories

– Provides up to 4 hours Fire Protection*
– Speed & ease of installation
– Maximises the sellable floor space
– Bespoke fireboard reducing labour


The Knauf Frameless Encasement Range consists of...


Knauf Fireboard is a fleece-lined, glass reinforced gypsum (GRG) board, available in a range of thicknesses (15, 20, 25, 30mm) to suit all installation requirements. Provides up to 4 hours fire protection for structural steel encasement. Reaction to fire A1, according to EN 13501-1 of type GM-F according to EN 15283-1. No need for additional coatings on the structural steel.

JOINT TAPE (Knauf Glasfaser-Fugendeckstreifen)

Knauf Glasfaser-Fugendeckstreifen is a fibre-glass tape used on all joints in Knauf Frameless Encasement installation. To be embedded in Knauf Fireboard-Spachtel. Available in 25m long rolls of 50mm wide.


Knauf Fireboard-Spachtel is a gypsum-based powder that is mixed with water to form a pliable joint filler. Knauf recommend that Fireboards must be tightly butted. Joint filler is required for bedding joint tape. On exposed encasements, Knauf Fireboard-Spachtel can also be used as a finish, providing a smooth surface for decoration if required.


Knauf Hartmut is the ideal fixing through the Knauf
partition stud to an abutting Knauf Frameless Encasement system. Fixings included (M5 x 60mm screw)


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* Based on structural tests (R)