Knauf ThroughWall
Offering a complete ‘through the wall’ system

Knauf ThroughWall is a one-manufacturer solution that provides the integral parts of an exterior wall system. It is designed to meet required building performance while allowing a flexibility of external finishes to be applied, such as Knauf render, rainscreen cladding and brickwork.

Offering a full system performance warranty from one manufacturer, Knauf ThroughWall is made up of Knauf Plasterboards, Knauf Steel Framing Sections, Knauf Insulation OmniFit® Slab 35 / Roll 34, Knauf Windliner and Knauf Insulation Rocksilk® RainScreen Slab.

• One source

• Full design service

• BBA certified

• De-risk the build

• Various finishing options

• All major system components are A1 or A2 s1 d0 fire rated

Why Choose Knauf ThroughWall?

  1. Single Manufacturer for all System Components

Full up-front design by one manufacturer should simplify the
construction process because all documentation is provided by
one source. This means that there is less time wasted having to
coordinate manufacturers and deliveries.

  1. De-risk the ThroughWall design process:

With the Knauf ThroughWall system, there is just one manufacturer
and one set of full system drawings to indicate how the system
should be constructed, resulting in far fewer queries from
specification to installation.

  1. Simple and Faster Build

System compliance can be easily checked with only one
manufacturer’s products needing to be identified on site. Build times
will also be shorter, with products delivered that are ready for use,
such as cut-to-length metal profiles

Knauf ThroughWall is the only system that has Third Party accreditation (BBA Number 20/S046)

System Components

Traditionally, most system components listed below are sold by different suppliers. This results in a lack of cohesive data on system performance and ambiguity as to which manufacturer is responsible in the event of a system failure. Knauf, at the time of publication, is the only manufacturer in the UK and Ireland to provide all products to form an external infill panel system along with providing associated technical support via its Technical Design and Support Services.



Internal Finishes





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For further info on Knauf ThroughWall, and to download the brochure, please visit the system page on the Knauf website