Mechanical & Electrical

M&E Off-Site Service Centre

Cutting – The facility has enabled us to hold stock of pre-cut lengths of Unistrut® and Strut ready for next day delivery.

Channel, studding, conduit and cable tray are among the products that can be pre-cut to any required length.

Kits – We can provide a variety of components
individually packed in kit form to your specification,
ideal for jobs where there is a lot of repetition.

Pre-Assembled Frames and Brackets – Including single and multiple drop trapeze brackets, with or without installed studs and pipe clips, H Frames, phenolic blocks complete with pipe clips, conduit and wire suspension configurations.

Bespoke Solutions & Pre-Fabrication
As well as offering you a huge range of mechanical and electrical products locally, we aim to make life easier for you on-site too. By providing pre-fabrication services in a controlled environment, off-site, we can save you the time and skills needed on-site as well as cutting down on waste.

By getting involved at the design stage, we can produce bespoke or prefabricated products that save time and costs on-site, reducing the need for additional labour. Our in-house manufacturing division provides high quality, ready-to-fit products and assemblies that are tailored to the needs of each application, while reducing storage requirements, stock holding and waste.

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Brand leaders

Working with brand leaders in the M&E market sector
we can provide innovative solutions and a wide range
of stock on hand to service the demand and schedule of
our customers and their projects.
Along with our core ranges we provide a range of fixings
and site support, particular to each contractor profile
meaning they have everything they require to get the
job done.

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