Zentia Aquabloc

A tough tile that dazzles in high humidity environments.

Keep interiors bright and fresh in high humidity and heat with Aquabloc, one of Zentia’s toughest ceiling tiles. Perfect for spas, shower areas, water parks, and other businesses operating in damp, high temperature environments*, Aquabloc stays pristine for years on end. With an easy-to-install board edge, these stunning white ceiling tiles add light and height to any space.

Features & Benefits

100% Relative Humidity (RH) resistance
Aquabloc isn’t affected by high temperatures and humidity, so they won’t sag and deform under the suspension system and they aren’t prone to collapse. The ceiling will be safe and secure for years.

Made of hydrated calcium silicate
A harder material than a standard tile, Aquabloc is tough. Not only is it 100% RH resistant, it can also take a few knocks, especially during maintenance when going in and out of the ceiling void.

Board edge
Save time and money on a project. Board edge tiles are easily installed, allowing work to be completed quicker.

84% light reflectance
Aquabloc works with natural light sources and bounces brightness around the room, reducing the need for artificial light.

Product Info

ColourGlobal White
Edge and thicknessBoard
Dimensions600mm x 600mm
Suspension systemPrelude 24 XL2 / TLS
Prelude 24 Corrosive Resistant
Clean Room 24

* Not suitable for use above swimming pools.

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