Ancon Channel & Bed Joint Reinforcement

Ancon Channel is available in a variety of options to suit the application, ranging from simple self-anchoring slots for accepting restraint fixings to large capacity channels with integral anchors. The cast-in channels provide the necessary adjustment required when fixing to concrete and can eliminate site drilling. The Ancon 25/14 channel has been designed to tie a masonry leaf to steel, timber or concrete frames through a layer of insulation.

Ancon bed joint reinforcement is used to improve the structural performance of masonry walls by providing additional resistance to lateral loads e.g. wind.

25/14 Restraint System

The Ancon 25/14 Restraint System fixes an outer leaf of brickwork to a light steel or concrete frame, through any type of insulation.

When fixing to steel, self-drilling high-thread screws fix through the channel and the insulation, into the steel.

When fixing to concrete, screws fix through the channel and a stainless steel compression sleeve, located in the insulation, and into a pilot hole in the concrete.

Once the channel is installed, Ancon SD25 wall ties can be positioned at any point along its length and are built into the bed joints of the outer leaf of brickwork.

30/20 Channel

Ancon 30/20 is a high performance channel. Its unique shape allows the applied load to be fed directly from the channel lips to the anchors and the more compact section size improves its fit between reinforcement. Specially designed T-head bolts ride up the sloping sides of the channel and securely lock behind the front lips. This channel also accepts standard 20mm wide wall ties. 30/20 is filled with continuously extruded closed-cell PE-LD foam. This material is removed easily in long sections and is 100% recyclable.

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Ancon 25-14 Channel Ancon MDC attached to 30-20 Channel