Fosroc Nitodek FS System

The Fosroc Nitodek FS System is a high performance, multi-layer, trafficable, waterproofing system that provides a seamless, highly resistant, elastomeric, anti-slip finish.

Typically polyurethane technology has been used to provide durability and flexibility, however the slow speed of curing in UK climates can be restrictive in projects requiring fast turnaround.

Fosroc’s Nitodek FS system is a hybrid system that combines MMA Technology with polyurethanes, the benefits being that the product is fast curing (at approximately 60 minutes per layer) as well as hard wearing and flexible.

Bespoke Nitodek FS systems can be produced from the suite of system products to suit specific situations and performance requirements; from balconies and walkways, to roof decks, podium decks, car park decks, factory floors and airport hangars. Nitodek FS forms part of Fosroc’s comprehensive repair and protection offer.

Features & Benefits

• Fast application and extremely short curing times
• Outstanding impact resistance
• Crack bridging capability
• Easy to apply even at low temperatures down to 0oC
• Highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals
• Seamless finish resistant to mechanical stresses
• Easy care, anti-skid finish available in an attractive range of colours
• Fire resistant
• Waterproof
• Warranty up to 20 years (Warranty details available upon request)

For more information: 0330 123 0100