Fosroc Proofex Engage

Fosroc Proofex Engage is a pre-applied waterproofing membrane which mechanically bonds to poured concrete. It has been successfully installed below-ground in many projects around the world, ensuring structural integrity and long-term durability of the structure.

Proofex Engage is a unique patented system providing a fully-bonded Type A barrier protection for below ground structures for basement Grades 1, 2 and 3 as described in BS 8102:2009.

The system is independently certified by the BBA and complies with recognised worldwide standards.

Proofex Engage, with its packaged accessories, makes designing and constructing below-ground waterproofing systems easy.

Features & Benefits

• Non water tracking: Smart anti-tracking mesh design prevents water tracking between the membrane and the concrete should damage occur to the membrane during installation
• Mechanical bond to poured concrete: Proofex Engage incorporates a complex cell mesh bonded to a polyethylene membrane, allowing poured concrete to interlock with the membrane, creating a tenacious mechanical bond
• No risk if settlement occurs: The security of Proofex Engage is maintained through its continued adhesion to the poured concrete
• No concrete blinding required: Can be applied onto a compacted sand blinding on granular fill
• Helps protect against ingress of ground gas: Can form part of a ground gas protection solution conforming to BS 8485:2015
• Highly durable: Resistant to attack from chemicals and ground salts. Also withstands adverse weather conditions, can be trafficked immediately after installation and resist construction related damage
• Flexible cost effective solution: With no need for concrete blinding or additional protection, Proofex Engage is a very cost effective solution

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