PROMATECT® -XW is an A1 non-combustible board which provides fire protection on structural steel for 60 minutes.

Each board has a permanent dimensional stability, so in the event of a fire it reduces the speed at which the steelwork will heat up, allowing it to maintain its load bearing capacity for longer.


Features & Benefits

  • Water, weather and mould resistant
  • Quick, easy to cut and install reducing time and installation costs
  • Frameless system minimises space
  • Single board thickness for ease of ordering and stocking
  • Fully tested at limiting temperatures from 300ºC to 650ºC
  • No requirement for adhesive or joint fillers
  • Smooth, impact resistant surface
  • Can be installed and left exposed for up to 3 months on site
  • Fully tested and certified
  • Flexible, durable and easy to decorate


Where to use PROMATECT® -XW

  • In any project where there is a requirement for 60 minutes fire protection
  • In the early construction phase when the building is not weathertight
  • Where space is limited, and speed of installation is important



FIRE RESISTANCE: Classified A1 non-combustible to EN 13501-1.

MOISTURE RESISTANT: Can be installed before the building is weathertight.

MOULD RESISTANT: Resistant to the effects of moisture.

EASY TO DECORATE: With a smooth, deorative finish.

COMPREHENSIVELY STRONG: Galvanised steel partition sections can be installed directly up to the face of the board.

FLEXIBLE: PROMATECT® -XW is often a thinner solution in comparison to other fire resistant construction.

DURABLE: PROMATECT® -XW will not degrade by age and has good impact strength.


For more information: 0330 123 0100