ULTRA™ Vapour Clad

ULTRA™ Vapour Clad is a multi-layered peel off laminate covering, requiring no additional mastics or adhesives to create a seal. It is an advanced and economical alternative for replacement of mastics, glass fibre cloth, butyl sheeting and other insulation coverings. Its excellent weathering properties make it ideal for both indoor & outdoor applications.

Vapour Clad is lightweight, flexible and easy to cut without the need for any specialist tools, allowing for low labour cost. Vapour Clad’s multi-layer, laminated construction provides resistance to absolute water vapour and other harsh environmental conditions. Vapour Clad can be used over most types of thermal insulation, including: cellular glass, polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, polystyrene and rigid fibrous.

Features & Benefits

  • Service temperature of -40°C to + 120°C
  • Flame/Smoke Rating <25/50, Class 1/Class A/Class ‘0’
  • Available width: 0.5m, 23″ 35.5″, 1m, and 46″ for Smooth and Embossed Finish
  • Available in Silver, White and Black

Vapour Clad is quick and easy to install, which eliminates the need for expensive off-site fabrication. As Vapour Clad is an adhesive tape product, it doesn’t require any screws, rivets or sealants, which reduces the possibility of human error.

For more information: 0330 123 0100
Ultra Vapour Clad