Ancon Wall Ties & Restraint Fixings

Wall ties and restraint fixings are an essential element in the stability of masonry cladding. The ANCON range includes solutions for all types of construction, including standard blockwork, timber frames and steel studwork.

Ancon ST1

This heavy duty Type 1 stainless steel wall tie is now available in 7 lengths to suit cavities from 50mm to 225mm. It is CE marked and available ex-stock from SIG in boxes of 250 ties.

Frame Cramps

Frame cramps are an ideal solution where a restraint is required between masonry and in-situ structures. They can be fixed to a range of materials including concrete, steelwork and masonry.

Ancon SDB Frame Cramps used as cavity wall ties exceed the requirements of a Type 2 tie to PD 6697 for lengths up to 300mm. They have a 7mm diameter hole to suit a range of fixings.

Ancon SDV Frame Cramps have an 8mm x 30mm vertical slot that allows vertical fixing position adjustment where required.

Frame cramps can be fixed to masonry with suitable plugs and screws or resin anchors.

Channel Ties

Ancon wall ties can also be used with our 25/14, 28/15, 30/20, 38/17, 36/8 and 40/25 channels.

30/20 Channel is supplied with anchors for casting into concrete. 25/14 and 36/8 Channels are supplied plain-backed for surface fixing.

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Ancon ST1 Wall Ties Ancon Frame Cramps