Zentia Baffles

Get pitch-perfect sound strength in open plan spaces with our striking acoustical baffles.

Create the right atmosphere in large interiors with our high-performing acoustical ceiling baffles. Reduce sound reverberation in high volume spaces like transport hubs, schools, offices and concert halls.  Ready for installation straight from the box, our ceiling baffles turn concrete soffits and plasterboard ceilings into visual feasts and are a practical way to create perfectly balanced acoustics while retaining easy access to the ceiling plenum.

Features & Benefits

Glass fibre core with a scrimmed laminated finish
High-performance material with durable laminated finish. Easily wiped clean with a damp sponge or cloth, so you can maintain hygiene standards.

Integrated suspension anchor
These baffles are easy for contractors to align and install. Your project can be completed quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Double-sided sound absorption
Our baffles absorb sound on both sides and are a powerful way to reduce sound strength in areas with plenty of volume. Use them to absorb sound in schools and offices, or in larger spaces with high ceilings to reduce echo.

87% light reflectance
Use these baffles to bounce natural light around a space and reduce the use of artificial lights, or to direct line of sight towards natural light sources and away from dark corners.

90% Relative Humidity resistance
Our baffles are highly resistant to high temperatures and humidity, maintaining their shape and structure in warm environments.

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