Zentia Canopies

You don’t have to compromise on performance or aesthetics with our bright and beautiful ceiling canopies.

Strike the perfect balance between performance and beauty with our cost-effective canopies. Create light, space and peace in high traffic, high volume areas like hotel lobbies, restaurants, and reception rooms. Ready for installation straight from the box, our canopies are quick and easy to install under plasterboard ceilings and concrete soffits with no complicated grid system required.

Features & Benefits

Glass fibre core with a scrimmed laminated finish
The laminated finish on this high-performance material is extremely durable and is easily wiped clean with a damp sponge or cloth, so you can maintain cleaning and hygiene standards.

Single board ready for immediate installation with our Basic Spiral Anchor Hanging Kit
Get through your build more efficiently and move on to the next. Easy for contractors to put in place with a basic spiral anchor hanging kit – simply corkscrew the spiral anchors into the canopy and hang it in place.

Double-sided sound absorption
Our canopies absorb sound from top to bottom. They’re perfect for areas with high footfall and plenty of volume. Use them to absorb sound over restaurant tables and reception areas, or in larger spaces with high concrete soffits to reduce echo.

87% light reflectance
Light just bounces off these bright white canopy surfaces. Use them to direct and reflect natural light around a space and reduce reliance on artificial lights. A great way to help reduce a building’s energy use and help occupiers cut power costs.

90% Relative Humidity resistance
Our canopies can take the heat. This tile is resistant to high temperatures and humidity, so it won’t droop and deform in restaurants and other high-temperature settings.

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