Terrix Spray Plaster

Terrix® Pl-SX-X is ready-to-use plaster coat for machine levelling of interior walls and ceilings. For final levelling and smoothening of surfaces before painting. Its white colour and smooth
surface allow for a reduction in the number of coats necessary to obtain a full decorative effect. When set and hardened, very easy for sanding. Suitable for use on all typical mineral
surfaces (such as concrete, cement, limestone, lime and gypsum plasters and plaster boards). Due to its chemical formulation, the product dries even when higher relative humidity levels

Features & Benefits

  • Lower labour cost due to the increased output. Up to 500m2/man/day
  • Acts as a mist coat
  • Dramatically reduces snagging due to consistent quality finish
  • Ready to use, no water or mixing on site, NO mess
  • Bright vibrant white finish
  • Chemical Bonding to the substrate. No risk of flaking or cracking
  • Chemically accelerated setting times, usually next day painting.
  • Easy sanding, for initial 20 days after application
  • Algae and Mould Resistant
  • Training offered to be an official applicator