Fosroc Renderoc FC

Renderoc FC is a single component polymer modified cementitious fairing coat conforming to the requirements of BS EN 1504-3 Class R2. It is designed to infill honeycombing and voids up to 3mm deep in vertical or overhead surfaces prior to overcoating.

Renderoc FC is applied in thin layers to produce a fair-faced appearance to concrete or masonry surfaces in readiness to receive a protective/decorative coating. Surface imperfections up to 3 mm in depth can be filled with the scrape-coat application. Voids of greater depth should be separately filled as a prior operation, again limiting the material thickness to 3 mm.

Renderoc FC is suitable for repair method 3.1 as defined by BS EN 1504-3 and can also be used in association with other Renderoc mortars.

Features & Benefits

• Compatibility with structural and non-structural concrete of compressive strength 20 – 45 MPa
• Polymer-modification provides extremely low permeability to water, carbon dioxide and chlorides
• Excellent bond to concrete
• Can be applied quickly and efficiently
• One component, pre-bagged to overcome site-batched variations
• Contains no chloride admixtures
• Fully compatible with other Renderoc mortars and Dekguard coatings

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Fosroc Renderoc Fosroc Renderoc