Welcome to SIG Technical Services

Drawing on 60 years of experience, SIG Technical Services offers the construction industry a unique service in the selection of energy saving insulation products and guidance on building regulation compliance.

Through our own in-house energy assessors, our complete integrated service ensures unbiased access to thousands of market leading insulation products and solutions, whilst our unrivalled knowledge of product performance helps select the right products for your project.

Working with the industry and our customers, SIG Technical Services has developed an intimate knowledge of the impact that regulations and costs place on construction projects. Whether escalating costs or product shortages are a cause for concern to clients, our team is equipped to find solutions to make your project work.

Engaging with SIG Technical Services couldn’t be easier as the team works with customers on both digital collaborative platforms as well as through more traditional routes, utilising the support of external technical specialists if required.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Fabric first approach
  • Actual product performance data
  • 60 years product and regulatory knowledge
  • Efficient product selection
  • Complex construction details available

SIG Technical Services provides expertise that always starts with a fabric first approach where best value can be assured.

When qualifying the product selection using a combination of U Value calculations and the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) process to confirm building regulation compliance, Technical Services will use actual product performance data rather than software defaults in SAP.

This in turn gives an accurate reflection of the buildings energy performance in addition to the most efficient selection of products to deliver that performance and comply with regulations.

By fully utilising the skills developed from 60 years of intimate product and regulatory knowledge, coupled to access to the commercial impact of hundreds of products, you can be assured that the right combination will be found to make your project perform as you intended.

For more complex construction details Technical Services has a range of additional services which are available, click here for more details.

The SIG360 Technical Centre operates in a number of different markets across residential, commercial and more specialist sectors.
  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Mixed Use
Non Residential
  • Education
  • Commercial
  • Health Care
  • MOD
Specialist Markets
  • Timber Frame
  • Offsite Assembly
  • Park Homes

Additional Services

Working in partnership with a number of service providers, Technical Services provides specialist support in the determination of acoustic and air permeability building performance. 

In addition to this, the technical centre also provides Cloud Point Surveys (laser scanning) to assist in the design and development of both new and existing buildings. This smart technology is able to convert an existing street scene or building into AutoCad format drawings for design manipulation.

Thermal Modelling

Technical Services are qualified to carry out desktop assessments of non-repeating thermal bridging in a building and the impact on building to Approved Document Part L and Section 6 of the Building Regulations.  The data calculated from this process can then be used in the SAP process to avoid punitive default values.


Pre-completion sound testing

Where Robust Details have not been adopted, on site testing is required in order to confirm the acoustic performance of the building.  Working with a network of UKAS Accredited specialists, Technical Services will arrange for the necessary testing to conform to the requirements of Building Regulations.


Air permeability testing

The air tightness / air permeability of a building is a measure of its energy efficiency. The air tightness is used to confirm the target emission rate (TER) used in the SAP calculations. Working with a network of UKAS Accredited specialists, Technical Services will arrange for the necessary testing to conform to the requirements of Building Regulations

It is a legal requirement to meet the minimum standards for air tightness detailed within Approved Document L. Demonstrating evidence of higher levels of air tightness than are actually required in Approved Document L can be a valuable selling point, especially where a building’s green credentials are important.


Sound impact assessment

During the design stages of developments, particularly in densely populated urban environments, assessments are often required by planners to ensure noise comfort from external sources can be achieved. Once again by working UKAS Accredited specialists, Technical Services will arrange for the necessary investigations and reports to be compiled.

  • Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)
  • Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA)
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM)
  • Air Permeability Testing
  • U Value Calculations
  • Condensation Risk Analysis
  • Technical Advice

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