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Knauf Insulation offers a wide range of insulation products to provide options for designers, house builders and installers to suit individual project requirements.

ECOSE® Technology
ECOSE® Technology is a unique bio-based binder which is used in the manufacture of all Glass Mineral Wool products, and the majority Rock Mineral Wool products from Knauf Insulation.
It contains no added formaldehyde or phenol, generating very low levels of dust, increasing the comfort of those handling it. ECOSE® Technology makes the insulation soft to touch and easy to handle.
It is made from natural raw materials that are rapidly renewable and is 70% less energy intensive to manufacture than traditional binders, so it is kinder to the environment too.


1. ECOSE® Technology, launched 10 years ago, was set to improve installers’ experience with mineral wool insulation.

2. Mineral wool made with ECOSE® Technology is softer to touch and easy to handle when compared to insulation made with a chemical based binder.

3. Products manufactured with ECOSE® Technology have a natural brown colour, which is unique to Knauf insulation!

4. ECOSE® Technology generates very low levels of dust, increasing the comfort of those handling it.

5. Products manufactured with ECOSE® Technology contain no added formaldehyde or phenols contributing to low VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

6. ECOSE® Technology is made from natural raw materials that are rapidly renewable.

7. ECOSE® Technology is 70% less energy-intensive to manufacture than traditional binders!

8. ECOSE® Technology has exceptional strength and will deliver the expected level of performance even after 50 years of service.

9. Our products with ECOSE® Technology have the best possible Eurofins gold certificate for indoor air comfort!

10. Mineral wool with ECOSE® Technology can help buildings earn additional points within green building rating systems, such as Breeam and Leed!

See below a few products from Knauf Insulation manufactured using ECOSE® Technology…

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