We supply durable, attractive and cost efficient solutions for flooring, and with years of experience we’ll tailor and provide the best solution to suit the needs of your project.

Flooring materials must be sturdy enough to withstand high foot traffic, whilst catering to the aesthetic of an indoor space. We have products that provide high durability required of flooring in a range of materials, allowing us to tailor these to each unique project, producing a result that is as efficient as possible.

An Unrivalled Product Range

At SIG Distribution we offer an unrivalled range of products to the construction industry, including a number of products for Floors.

Raised Access Flooring

Raised Access Flooring creates an elevated structural floor with removable panels. This system allows full access to cabling and services beneath the floor covering.

Today’s office environment consists of a complex weave of technology to accomplish every task, from security cameras and worldwide video-conferencing to sophisticated computer networks that link multiple facilities and sensory HVAC systems.

We are able to provide a full range of standard and special panels and pedestals along with all of the ancillaries you will need to build your floor.

Floor Coverings

With a range of specialist products, we select the appropriate flooring to complement the rest of your interior, and with a variety of colours and finishes available we help you achieve your desired result.