We have a vast experience in supplying a comprehensive range of products for the brickwork and blockwork requirement on site. We offer everything other than the bricks and blocks themselves.

Our range includes off-the-shelf support systems, channel, brick reinforcement, wall ties, damp-proof course and ventilation which are all widely available on a next day service.

Featured Products

An Unrivalled Product Range

At SIG Distribution we offer an unrivalled range of products to the construction industry, including a number of products for Masonry.


At SIG we provide all the relevant products to ensure installation is completed effectively, and with ease. These can be designed and manufactured to support modular brick-faced units, where brick slips are adhered to either steelwork or precast concrete. Masonry support systems are tailored to suit each contract, based on the cavity size and unfactored masonry load to be carried.


Wind posts are tailored and fitted as a precise solution for every construction, to allow them to work as efficiently as possible. These span vertically and are restrained by masonry brickwork to provide greater resistance from wind pressure, providing the construction with additional strength.


A restraint system that is designed to tie masonry to steel, timber or concrete frames through a layer of insulation. These are available in multiple lengths that can be cut on-site to suit the specifications of each contract. Screws are also supplied in a number of lengths and thicknesses to help with ease of installation.


This increases the structural integrity of brickwork. We stock brick ladder that has proven success from tried and tested brands.


Wall ties and restraint fixings provide masonry panels with stability. These include housing and commercial wall ties, ties that help provide low thermal conductivity and acoustic wall ties. These are supplied in many lengths and types, and can be used on a variety of masonry types including brickwork, blockwork and stonework.


SIG supply Alti-Fleece blankets, featuring a unique patented design, as well as hessian blankets. These are effective solutions to protect brickwork from water staining and force from falling objects.


We have a range of damp-proof courses along with all the required accessories needed for effective installation, these include joint supports, fixing strips and pins, adhesives, tapes and mastics.


Cavity trays provide a damp-proof course through the cavity of masonry walls to stop water infiltration creating hazards such as damp. SIG provide 3 types that are cut to size to create a precise solution: lintel cavity trays, general purpose cavity trays and parapet wall cavity trays, which are selected and tailored to each project.