When it comes to interiors, we aim to maximise the efficiency of space as much as possible, providing a solution that is both attractive and effective.

Whether its stylish sophisticated panels or glazed screens, our partition systems combined with an extensive range of timber and glass door solutions give complete freedom to create the right environment. Whilst our operable and storage Wall offering allow us to create and maintain space, providing an innovative solution for the convenience of an orderly finish, whilst ensuring an interior is visually appealing.

Featured Products

Sold exclusively through SIG Distribution, Ocula™ Systems are partitioning specialists in the UK. Developed by partition experts, the established Tenon range and System 8000 are the foundations on which Ocula™ Systems are built. Our innovative solutions can turn any vision of space into reality.

An Unrivalled Product Range

At SIG Distribution we offer an unrivalled range of products to the construction industry, including a number of products for Walls.


SIG exclusively sell Ocula Systems, a glass solution for partitioning that is both high performance and attractive. Installed in office environments, these specially developed systems provide light, fire performance and sound reduction.

A range of framed and frameless options are available to choose and select those most suited to every project, creating a bespoke solution to your partitioning needs.

For more information on our glass partitioning offering, please visit the Ocula Systems website – http://www.oculasystems.co.uk/

Architectural Glazing

More than just a partitioning system, much of our range is tested to meet the requirements for barrier and guarding situations, with both framed and frameless glass as well as fire rated options. Exclusive to SIG Distribution, Ocula have a system to meet the most testing of situations which can be bespoke painted or printed glass, the range also includes barriers or staircases. The bespoke nature of this range allows you to combine eye-catching aesthetics and safety in one simple solution.

Fire Screens

Available with or without mullions, our glazed fire screens achieve 60 minutes of integrity and insulation. Fire screens are manufactured and tested to meet the most stringent standards, making them suitable for lobbies and escape routes.

Operable Walls

Where flexibility is vital, our Operable Walls allow you to manage space more effectively. These quality engineered moveable partitions are perfect for office interiors, education establishments, exhibition centres and sports and leisure facilities.

Storage Walls

Often, it’s the simplest of ideas that makes the biggest difference – and our storage solutions demonstrate that perfectly. Our storage wall solutions make the most of space often wasted by traditional free-standing units. It’s guaranteed to complement all our partition systems – and it could help reduce rent and rate costs too.

Doors & Joinery

Doors are a central feature within interiors, providing safety, practicality and visual appeal. At SIG Distribution we can tailor doors of a variety of materials including glass and timber, cutting them down to suit your exact specifications. These can be suited to any partitioning systems in place, maximising the aesthetic offering.


A wide range of standard and specialist door furniture is available in a variety of styles and finishes to compliment any of the Ocula partitioning systems and customise a project to a corporate theme, allowing a choice to satisfy both design and performance criteria.