Ocula™ F Series

Comprising of systems FS25, FT58, FT80 and FT105, the Ocula™ F Series is a range of single and double glazed minimalist frameless glass partition systems, creating an impression of space utilising natural light.

Using a minimum number of aluminium framing sections, the Ocula™ F Series provides an office divide that allows unhindered vision whilst preserving the privacy of individual offices.

Features & Benefits

An option of silicone, H, I or C vertical dry joints allow ease of construction and also maintain the visual simplicity of the product.

  • Single and Twin glass wall systems
  • Minimal aluminium components
  • Various glass configurations for fire, acoustic and structural performance
  • Banded glazing option
  • Manifestation or blind options
  • Deflection head detail to accommodate + 40mm
  • Timber or glazed door options
For more information: 0330 123 0100
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