We are one of the leading distributors within the UK for solutions in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. We have a large specialist team with years of experience, allowing us to provide solutions that enhance the performance of HVAC facilities, whilst offering further fire protection to meet more advanced safety requirements.

We always strive to ensure a project is completed with maximum efficiency, providing all the required fixings so installation can be completed with ease, even providing temporary site protection to limit the chance of any damage during the construction process.

Our customers’ requirements are always put first when considering which products would be most effective for them, offering a variety of innovative and bespoke solutions from market leading bands to provide an indoor environment that is comfortable for those occupying the space, whilst offering increased fire protection qualities for maximum safety.

Featured Products

Bostik’s range of high performance tapes, coatings, adhesives and sealants provides secure fixing, as well as physical and environmental protection for HVAC ducting and pipework insulation. With the company’s accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, all products meet or exceed the requirements set by the HVAC industry.

An Unrivalled Product Range

At SIG Distribution we offer an unrivalled range of products to the construction industry, including a number of products for HVAC.

Duct Slab - Construction Accessories
Duct Slab

A product reinforced with aluminium foil, provided as a semi- rigid slab for insulation. Due to the shape they are better suited for rectangular ducts and have properties suitable for thermal insulation. These are also suitable to improve acoustic performance for ducts that carry substances at high velocities, maximising listening comfort. We can supply duct slab in two different material types which are rock and glass.

Duct Wrap - Technical Insulation
Duct Wrap

A well fitted solution for ductwork that is circular. Duct wrap effectively insulates HVAC systems in order to regulate the temperature, providing a comfortable environment for those within a construction. This is non-combustible to enhance fire safety and offers great acoustic performance, improving the quality of sound. We can supply duct wrap in two different material types which are rock and glass.

Phenolic Pipe Section - Technical Insulation
Phenolic Pipe Section

Phenolic foam has very low thermal conductivity, making it an extremely efficient solution for enhancing thermal performance. This product is designed with minimal thickness in mind which is useful in a project where space is limited and when used effectively, can be 50% more effective than alternative solutions. This is used on a range of pipework, and can be provided in a range of thicknesses to suit each contract.

Nitrile Pipe Section - Technical Insulation
Nitrile Pipe Section

A versatile and flexible material that provides resistance from water vapour, oil and most acids. Nitrile is particularly useful when concealing the cool thermal contents within pipe / ductwork and with its low thermal conductivity combined with its great resistance to water vapour, long term energy loss and moisture ingress is reduced.

Glass Pipe Section - Technical Insulation
Glass Pipe Section

Glass insulation is a product of recycled glass and pure sand. It can be produced in a range of forms including rolls and sheets, and its non-combustible properties means it is a particularly effective product for insulation and resistance against fire. We provide glass sections that form a strong barrier against vapour and are available in a variety of thicknesses.

Rock Pipe Section - Technical Insulation
Rock Pipe Section

Rock wool is a fire resistant and breathable material, meeting safety requirements and allowing moisture to leave the building, a feature often desired in residential projects. We supply these sections as a solution for acoustic and thermal insulation, creating a pleasant indoor environment.

ID Tapes & Banding - Technical Insulation
Identification Tapes & Banding

SIG supply these as an easy solution for identifying the contents of pipe / ductwork and the direction of flow. Duct triangles are self-adhesive to cater for easy application and are resistant to chemicals, water and oils, whilst withstanding high temperatures to maximise the effectiveness.

Foil Tapes - Technical Insulation
Foil Tapes

Aluminium foil tape has many useful applications in the HVAC, electrical and construction industry. These tapes are installed to complete the vapour barrier on foil-faced pipe and slab sections. Foil tape is resistant to fire, moisture and dust, maintaining the safety of the HVAC systems and ensuring they run effectively.

Phenolic KDI Board - Technical Insulation
Phenolic KDI Board

A thermal insulation designed for use on a variety of ductwork in HVAC applications. It can be used to insulate ductwork, plenums and related equipment, installed both indoors and outdoors.