Groundwork Engineering

As the leading provider of geotechnical solutions within the construction industry, SIG provide materials to create the most cost-effective and high performing solution on site.

We have supplied specialist products to the construction industry for many years, aiding separation, reinforcement, drainage and erosion control. We also supply gas membrane systems which can stop harmful gases from leaking into a build, providing safety for occupants.

Featured Products

As soil is weak in absorbing tensile stresses, geogrids are used to prevent or reduce soil particle movement through interlocking (Stabilisation) between the aggregate particles and the apertures of the geogrid. As a results of this interaction, tensile forces are mobilized in the geogrid (Reinforcement) and the resistance of the improved soil layer against deformation is increased.

The exceptional high tensile stiffness of Secugrid geogrids & Combigrid geocomposites, especially at low strain levels, improves the mechanical behavior of unbound granular material and ultimately reduces maintenance costs.

An Unrivalled Product Range

At SIG Distribution we offer an unrivalled range of products to the construction industry, including a number of products for Groundwork Engineering.

Root and Weed Barrier - Construction Accessories

We provide a variety of high performance root and weed barriers. With both permeable and impermeable options, a long lasting, tailored solution is provided.

Geocomposite Drainage - Construction Accessories

A range of geocomposite layers are available for a range of applications. Geoflow is made up of a high strength, high flow cuspated HDPE core which forms a void to drain or vent.

Envirotrak - Construction Accessories

Envirotrak is a cellular lattice paving system which allows the fast and efficient application of permanent ground reinforcement and stabilisation.

Geotextiles - Construction Accessories

Geotextile solutions are available to restore the quality of soils that may have been damaged during construction. With access to a range of woven, needle punched and heat bonded textiles, the best solution for your project is selected based on the application, which could include: separation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, sealing and protection. We draw upon our team with informed specialist knowledge to allow us to select and provide the most efficient solution for your contract.

Geogrid - Construction Accessories

Soils have a tendency to pull apart under tension on the construction site, and our range of geogrids, both biaxial and uniaxial act as an effective reinforcement solution. As a material that is versatile and strong in tension they can stabilise the ground from heavy loads, increasing the durability of the site and ultimately reducing maintenance costs.

Membrane - Construction Accessories

Gas systems and membranes are effective solutions to prevent the ingress of harmful gases from accessing a construction, which threatens the safety of those occupying a build. We supply these in a range of different materials and in multiple thicknesses, allowing us to tailor these to the specifications of each contract.


An effective solution for earth stabilisation issues. These are used in a range of applications including retaining walls, erosion control, scour prevention, landscaping and for coastal protection.

Erosion Control and Matting - Construction Accessories

We have non-biodegradable and biodegradable erosion control matting. This acts as protection to the slope, preventing erosion and loss of expensive soils.