Naue Combigrid®

Combigrid® is a geocomposite consisting of a Secugrid® geogrid and a nonwoven geotextile, which is firmly bonded within the geogrid structure. The additional separation and filtration function plus the exceptional tensile stiffness of the geogrid component makes Combigrid® a multifunctional problem solver, especially for applications on soft soils.

Combigrid® is used in used in the following applications:

  • Paved Roads
  • Unpaved Access Roads
  • Working Platforms
  • Ports & Harbours
  • Airport Runways
  • Railway Tracks
  • Pipe / Cable Trenches

Features & Benefits

  • Improving bearing capacity on soft soils
  • Reducing stresses on soft subgrade due to improved load distribution
  • Reducing base course thickness & excavation depth of in-situ soft soil
  • Preventing intermixing of fine subgrade with coarse aggregate base material
  • Mitigation of settlements
  • Extension of service life of your infrastructure project
  • Easy and quick installation
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