Concrete Repair and Protection

The deterioration of concrete is influenced by a number of physical, chemical and environmental factors. Concrete repair and protection products available through SIG from leading manufacturers all comply where necessary to the EN1504 European regulation for the protection and repair of concrete structures.

The structure and type of repair required will determine which product is most suitable from hand applied to spray repair mortars.

As well as having a wide range of products that will repair damaged concrete, SIG can also supply customers with products developed specifically to protect concrete from further damage once repaired.

Featured Products

Issues such as spalled concrete, delaminated concrete or concrete which has suffered from freeze-thaw or impact damage can be resolved with robust and reliable solutions from Weber – offering cathodic protection, shrinkage compensation and fibre-reinforcement.

An Unrivalled Product Range

At SIG Distribution we offer an unrivalled range of products to the construction industry, including a number of products for Concrete Repair and Protection.

Repair Mortar - Construction Accessories

Repair Mortars are an effective solution for concrete that has deteriorated, creating a smooth and level surface.

There are numerous repair mortars available via SIG from leading brands that are suited to different types of repair including: wall repairs, floor repairs and spray repair mortars for large scale repairs. The variety of repair mortars available ensures an effective solution to reinforce the structural integrity and visual appeal of concrete surfaces, this can be achieved regardless of the size of location or the repair required.

Protective Coatings - Construction Accessories

A range of protective coatings can be provided to suit a variety of applications, such as resistance from carbonation which could cause corrosion on reinforced steel. We can tailor solutions to work as effectively as possible, ensuring concrete remains in sound condition, reinforcing the durability of the structure.

Hand Applied Repair Mortars - Construction Accessories

Mortars applied by hand offer a more specific application, providing greater penetration properties, allowing them to fill hairline cracks and fill gaps deeper in the structure.

Spray Repair Mortars - Construction Accessories

Spray mortars are particularly useful where concrete repairs need to be made within time constraints and over a large surface area.

Resin Repair Mortars - Construction Accessories

Effective in a range of applications, including reinforcing and restoring low strength cement, sand screeds, lining and waterproofing surfaces that may come into contact with food and drinking water.

Primers - Construction Accessories

Using primers to prepare surfaces for repair mortars is essential to ensuring good adhesion of the repair material to the existing concrete. SIG select primers from a range of specialist brands to provide the most appropriate and effective one for the chosen repair mortar.

Fairing Coatings - Construction Accessories

Fairing coatings are designed to be applied in thin layers, producing a fair faced appearance to concrete surfaces prior to receiving a decorative / protective coating. Surface imperfections up to 3mm in depth can be protected by these.