Reinforcement & Formwork

Reinforcement and formwork solutions are vital at the initial stage of development, maximising structural integrity and minimising exposure to risks.

A range of solutions are available which include tailoring the products and the installation process to your unique specifications, limiting the sites exposure to damage as much as possible.

Featured Products

Exclusive to SIG Distibution, the ALTI range provides high quality and high performance construction reinforcement and accessory products which offer a cost effective solution to a wide range of construction applications.

An Unrivalled Product Range

At SIG Distribution we offer an unrivalled range of products to the construction industry, including a number of products for Reinforcement & Formwork.

Column Formers - Construction Accessories

These provide high quality finishes for the columns cast in reinforced concrete. Column formers can be designed to fit the requirements of each project, including size, shape and finish.


We can supply a variety of products which provide continuity of reinforcement at construction joints in concrete, these include: KSN anchors, KSN anchor boxes, CB coupler boxes, CS coupler strips, starter bar systems and eazistrip rebend systems.


Lapped joints are not always the most suitable means of joining reinforcing bars. Reinforcement bar couplers can make the design and construction of reinforced concrete simpler and reduce the amount of reinforcement required.


Concrete buildings are created with expansion and contraction joints to allow movement to occur. Dowels are used to transfer shear loads across these joints.

Insulated Balcony Connectors - Construction Accessories

The connectors we supply minimise heat loss at balcony positions while maintaining structural integrity. As a critical structural component, they transfer movement, shear, tension and compression forces.

Rebar - Construction Accessories

Rebars act as a tension device to strengthen and support reinforced concrete, effectively reducing decay and deterioration. We also supply products for structural concrete that act as a joint such as DSDs or MBT Couplers.


Mesh spacers maximise support for reinforcement mesh, whilst minimising the damage to other products used. This provides concrete slabs with further reinforcement, providing a quick and simple method to strengthen any mesh used.

Reinforcement Mesh - Construction Accessories

Steel reinforced mesh enhances the durability of concrete foundations by allowing the concrete to flex around it without cracking or splitting. We can supply mesh in a number of different sizes to suit your project’s specific needs, ensuring the foundations are as structurally viable as possible.

Tying Wire - Construction Accessories

Tying wires are used when applying reinforcement and formwork solutions to secure different specialist products together. This is particularly effective when positioning reinforcement, whilst being highly resistant to corrosion. Tying wire dramatically increases the durability of reinforcement products as maintenance and repair requirements are decreased.

Formwork Chemicals - Construction Accessories

Formwork chemicals are used for repair purposes on new projects and our range includes wood fillers for repairing timber, mould oil, retarders for concrete and formwork, plastic formwork coating, release agents and sealing strips.