Eolis HC is a reflective insulation with an integrated vapour barrier offering dual features within a single product, and making it possible to insulate and achieve airtightness in a single operation. For use on the warm side of any insulation material, behind the internal finish.

Eolis HC is light making it easy to handle and install, saving time on site. It has an integrated self-adhesive lap for easily and quickly sealing joints. It is quick and easy to fit into difficult areas because no precision cutting is required. The product is installed in a continuous layer which benefits in obtaining airtightness and an exceptional reduction in thermal bridging.

Eolis HC provides dual performance within a single product: a vapour barrier and insulation, allowing for a reduction in installation time as cutting insulation in-between timbers is not required. Eolis HC has a thickness of 135mm and is available in 12m2 rolls.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduction in installation time
  • Durable and light to handle
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Little to no mess to clear up
  • Self-adhesive lap
  • No precision cutting needed
  • Rated A+ for indoor air quality
  • Minimal waste
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